Del Rio Botanicals

Del Rio Botanicals

Suzanne Ashworth exudes a passion for her craft that will rival even the most inspired Chefs. She is not only growing organic produce, she is growing the future of the cuisine of Sacramento. Suzanne seems to always be two steps ahead of what is coming next, and in many ways she is driving the trends with the unique produce that she grows. As a recognized authority on seed propagation, Suzanne will be producing the unique vegetables, blossoms, and herbs that will continue to inspire generations of Chefs to come.

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A major theme of this Market is to “feed the soul as much as the body.” They challenge conventional thinking, introduce new ideas, and foster positive change. Their quest is to change mindsets, institutions, and structures that relate to health and food, so that we put an end to problems in healthy living that have eluded leaders and community improvement programs.


Michael and Vandy Passmore head up this freshwater, sustainable fish ranch in Slough House. They started by selling live fish at Northern California farmers’ markets, and their quality and service quickly made them a premium purveyor for top restaurants and Michelin-starred chefs throughout the state and the country. We always try to put as much care and thought into our preparations of their sturgeon, catfish, trout, and caviar as they do in the raising of these beautiful fish.

Heluka Pork

Heluka® is derived from the Native American language meaning “full of sun.” Their pork is given that name because every pig on our Heluka® farms is FREE to go outside at will to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine! Heluka® pork was developed with two things in mind: the welfare of our pigs and the palate of our consumers. To satisfy both, they have developed their own exclusive Heluka® production model and breed. This system ensures that our pigs are raised with compassion, and that your dining experience will be exceptional, consistent, wholesome, and safe for your family.

Long Dream Farm

Long dream is a family owned and operated farm located in the sunny Sierra- Nevada foothills of Placer County. This is the source of all our pasture raised eggs that we use for the restaurant. Because of the mild climate, they animals on the farm live outside year around. Long Dream Farm is certified by animal Welfare Approved for their practices.

Grass Valley Grains

Grass Valley Grains

Reed and Judy Hamilton produce all of our hand milled cornmeal for the restaurant. This is a one man farming and milling operation that uses organic methods and materials. Everything they grow is from a fifth-generation farm in Wheatland that is then milled in their own stone mill in Grass Valley.

Bike Dog Brewing

Bike Dog Brewing Company is co-founded by four Sacramentans with a love for bikes, dogs, and craft beer. The brewers fell in love with the endless flavor profiles available through brewing and the delicate hop profiles only available in incredibly fresh beer and want to share that love with beer drinkers from all over the Sacramento area. It’s safe to say that our restaurant will always at least one of their amazing and ever changing lineup on tap.

Chef and Baker

Chef and Baker is our high end offsite Events and Catering company. With an extensive experience in fine-dining, this inspires a unique approach to catering. Whether it’s a breakfast for two or plated service for five hundred, you can count on Chef and Baker Events and Catering’s “a la minute” cuisine and restaurant-quality experience.